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Choosing H3 Bulbs

Poor road visibility has a strong influence on the sharp fatigue of smooth motorists, which reduces the safety of all traffic. This increases the risk of an accident. The best solution in such cases is the use of fog lights. They are able to create high-quality lighting, the most optimal for the driver in certain weather conditions.

The H3 LED lamp creates a strong stream of light that is not reflected by water particles, thereby ensuring higher visibility

The light flux of yellow or amber tint, unlike the daytime white, much less reflected from particles of moisture, so the light comes out more contrast. Typically, LED n3 lamps are used in fog lights. What distinguishes the device from competitive modifications is that the power to them is not transmitted through the socket element, and through its components – “tails”.

This type of lights can be used separately and together with the front light elements and headlamps. Under standard climatic conditions, it is not recommended to use them as the main light, because the elements have a different purpose. In addition, some countries impose heavy fines for the inclusion of fog lights in good visibility conditions.

Completion of headlights of cars, the latest years of manufacture, provides for the presence of a light component in the regular optics. However, drivers often make the installation on their own, because this way you can choose the most optimal components of the lighting equipment.

In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you should thoroughly study the technical characteristics of LED h3 and consider the main types of devices.

Common types of h3 lamps

To date, three main types of auto lamps are produced H3 modifications:

  • Halogen – with an incandescent system
  • Xenon – metal halide
  • LED light bulbs h3

The first classification is considered the most budgetary option, in fact, because of this and has a high demand from consumers. Durable glass bulb made of quartz glass is filled with special inert gases, which include components such as iodine and bromine. The constituents increase the temperature of the glowing element, which greatly improves the light output.

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