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Choosing H11 bulbs

Over time, every car owner is faced with the need to replace car lights – a very natural task for an experienced driver. There are several types of lighting devices used in motor vehicles. Today, h11 lamps are often built into optical devices. However, to understand what exactly is the advantage of this element, it is necessary to study its main characteristics, types and purpose.

H11 bulbs are capable of producing a powerful luminous flux. The models are widely used as a component of dipped beam headlights and other equipment. Balanced installation is equipped with a common type of base. It is divided into halogen and LED. The main distinguishing characteristic of this type of base is the high output, the maximum value of which reaches 55W, while other modifications can provide power of only 35W.

The design features of all diode and halogen lamps are almost identical. The only difference may be in the type of lobes. Light device 11 modification gives the possibility to get a wide light cone with space illumination up to 40 meters. In addition, the built-in reflector parts significantly increase visibility on the curb.

Halogen H11 bulbs

Optical halogen lamp h11 is one of the varieties of lighting devices, with a gas filled inside the body, which includes elements such as iodine and bromine. The bulb itself is often made of durable quartz glass. The raw material is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and exposure to a variety of chemicals.

The design of the equipment has a good performance in terms of technical characteristics and white light output. Due to these features, the product can be used in small-sized lighting fixtures, in the form of additional headlights. Equally often the halogen h11 lamp is found in fog lights.

Users also note the good availability of halogen lamps h11 series. The domestic market provides a wide range of different types of lights from different manufacturers, ranging from the brand name brand osram and ending philips ll.

A very important role is played by the cost, the price of halogen products is much lower than that of LED or xenon devices.

Varieties of diode devices

LED devices in the catalogs of manufacturers are offered in several types. Most often the main parameters of choice are considered:

  • Number of diodes
  • Socket
  • Purpose
  • Lens
  • Price

Each model has individual technical parameters, ranging from power and ending with the degree of light output. Consider the most popular modifications of LED light bulbs h11: 155-DM-2323.

The model is equipped with fourteen diodes, which give an opportunity to increase the degree of brightness of the light flux up to 1 200LM at a maximum power of 15W. It is considered one of the brightest diode-type headlight fixtures.

The main purpose of the technique is to be used as a long-range set. The rays have a pure structure of white color, without an admixture of yellowing. Variations can be supplemented with xenon elements.

Bulbs 12 EpistarHP+4Cree

The set, in addition to diodes, also has special lenses. There are 16 LED elements. The modification has a relatively high cost, compared to the previous lighting equipment. However, the price is compensated by good technical indicators, through which you can achieve a high level of light and brightness. None of the competing firms can come close to this indicator. The maximum parameters of brightness ranges from 2 520lm, with a capacity of 80W.

Pros and cons H11 bulbs

The above variations of lighting devices with the index of the base element H11, have a large number of advantages that can compensate for minor disadvantages. Of the disadvantages of the products stands out the high price, reaching $15-40. Lighting technology has long proven itself as a reliable option for tuning vehicles. With its help you can not only increase the brightness of light, but also pick up the necessary shade, most favorably influencing the vision of the driver.

Also of the pluses is the minimum power consumption, which increases the time barrier of the battery. In addition, the product reduces fuel consumption.